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A large investment bank had been a regular participant in Z/Yen’s Operational Performance of Brokers surveys. These surveys benchmark post-execution performance as viewed by clients (Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, etc.) across securities and derivatives transactions. 

In 2003, said bank’s performance was viewed as 4th quartile by clients. This uncovered severe problems in operational processing, particularly in confirmation timing and servicing of client queries.


What followed was a collaborative effort between McLagan and the investment bank to review the survey results in detail, and build an actionable plan. 

Fundamental changes to the bank’s Client Service structure were proposed and evaluated. These included a new blueprint for world-class client service, and a new blueprint for world class customer relationship management. The action plan was eventually presented to and adopted by Senior Management.


With Senior Management approval, the investment bank was able to revamp its Client Services structure, resulting in significantly improved customer relationship management.

Over the next four years, the investment bank improved performance across all measurable areas, and was rated “Top 3” for all products in 2007.


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